February 7 Los Angeles CA Blue Whale

Tuesday February 7 2017
Carl makes his perennial return to The Blue Whale, the sophisticated jazz spot on the third floor of Weller Court in Little Tokyo. This is a spot where the drinks are great but listening to the music is the top priority. On this night, an LA all-star lineup:

SET 1 • 9PM
Carl Stone [computer / electronics] + William Roper [horns]

SET 2 • 10PM
LABMS [Los Angeles Burger & Marching Society]
—Carl Stone [computer / electronics]
—William Roper [horns]
—Roland Kato [viola]
—Alan Nakagawa [electronics / other]
—Kio Griffith [visuals]


  • Carl Stone [computer / electronics]
  • William Roper [horns]
  • Roland Kato [viola]
  • Alan Nakagawa [electronics / other]
  • Kio Griffith [visuals]

Blue Whale
123 Astronaut E S Onizuka St Suite 101
Los Angeles CA

Map (English) at here