Project: Carl Stone w/ Akaihirume

Photo: Samantha Gore

Akaihirume is a young Japanese singer whose ear is always tuned to the world’s sounds, which she keeps as materials in her shell.
As both an original songwriter and an improviser she has worked with a variety of artists, musicians, action-painters, photographers and more. Recent collaborators include Simon Fisher Turner, Joke Lanz, Akiko Nakayama and Carl Stone.

First classically trained, then took a stint as a rock drummer in several Japanese garage bands. She began her career as a singer/songwriter in 2012.
Her singing has been used in the soundtrack for the film Dies Irae by Eori Wakakuwa, and is also featured in Songs For A Thousand Duets, part of the, the sound installation by Duncan Speakman & Sarah Anderson as part of the Saitama Trienniale 2016.

Carl Stone and Akaihirume began their collaboration in 2015 in Tokyo, and have since performed around Japan, in Singapore and in New York. In writing about the recent New York performance, critic Nick Zurko has written: “What unfolded onstage was both sonically accessible and temporally exhaustive as Akaihirume and Stone entered into what could be described as an esoteric and aural courting dance that entranced the entire audience.”

read a full review of the New York City concert here

Listen to a performance at Brooklyn Music School March 23 2017
Produced by Blank Forms and Unseen Worlds


Carl Stone + AkaiHirume