December 12 19h00 Tokyo JAPAN Dommune

Monday December 12 2016 19h00
Carl participates as a performer with a solo set, preceded by a panel discussion on the wide topic of the computer in music, yesterday and today. Hosted by DOMMUNE in Shibuya and produced by Yui Onodera.


  • Carl Stone (Chukyo University)
  • Akihiro Kubota (Tama Fine Arts University)
  • Christophe Charles (Musashino Art Unversity)
  • Chihei Hatakeyama (Drone University)
  • Yui Onodera (Musashino Art Unversity)

Vua Bld B1F Higashi 4-6-5 Shibuya-ku Tokyo

Map (Japanese) at here

December 18 open 19h00 start 20h00 Tokyo Kiyosumi Shirakawa

Photo: Martin Holtkamp

Photo: Martin Holtkamp

Sunday December 18 2016 open 19h00 start 20h00

A private house next to a temple and cemetery in the Kiyosumi area of Tokyo becomes the venue for a special installation/performance by Carl Stone (electronics) and Akai Hirume (voice). Multiple rooms in the uniquely designed house, plus adjacent areas surrounding, serve as the stage. The two artists find a way for a unique interaction.

*please contact
「subject: DEC_18」for location details.


  • Akaihirume (voice and synthesizer)
  • Carl Stone (electronics)

“Nagesen” (free donation)

Hirano 2-4-12 Koto-ku Tokyo

Map (English) at here

December 27 open 18h30 start 19h00 Tokyo Setagaya Kid Ailack Art Hall

Tuesday December 27 2016 open 18h30 start 19h00
On the occasion of the closing of KID AILACK, the long standing Tokyo live house that shuts its doors at the end of the month, four artists gather to celebrate its long and wonderful history of 39 years. We say sayonara with an evening of improvisation. Please join us.


  • Sizzle Ohtaka (voice)
  • Akikazu Nakamura (shakuhachi)
  • Morgan Fisher (keyboards, light paintings)
  • Carl Stone (laptop)

advance: ¥3500 + 1 drink; same day: ¥4000 + 1 drink

Kid Ailack Art Hall
〒156-0043 Tokyo, Setagaya, Matsubara 2-43-11
Tokyo Setagaya


CARL STONE Electronic Music from the Seventies and Eighties

“a missing link, not only in the history of avant-garde and electronic music, but within the entire body of arranged sound (popular or otherwise).” – The Hum

“stunning …. full of purring drones that at first appear to hardly be moving, only to have them slowly slide and reveal infinite amounts of overtones…lovely, prickly, meditative, and maddening – Pitchfork

“The eight pieces ….on this three-LP collection of pioneering work by American electro-acoustic composer Carl Stone constitute an oft-mesmerizing two-and-a-half hours…(Shing Kee is) spellbinding.” – Textura

“Astounding …dizzying hall-of-mirrors refractions built from tiny fragments of Asian pop, American R&B and classical…. Stone’s resourcefulness and originality is unmistakable, and these sounds remain fresh decades later.”
Best of Bandcamp Contemporary Classical: November 2016

“It lights up our pleasure centres like a quid in a fruit machine….It’s all totally new to us and feels like somebody just opened a big skylight onto our listening lives, flooding us with new sensations……Not to be missed by anyone with a taste for innovative electronic music of the rarest order.” – Boomkat


Find out about it here

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“{Stone’s music is} a powerful stimulant, with lingering euphoric effects.”
Steve Smith, New York Times

“One of American experimental music’s most eloquent advocates”
Time Out New York

“He just opens up time in this marvelous way that I’ve never heard another composer do.”
Jonathan Gold, Vogue Magazine

Thank you for coming!

Here’s the latest news and information about Carl Stone upcoming performances, installations and events.
日本語の情報: こちら

Announcing: Realistic Monk

Realistic Monk live at ZKM, Karlsruhe

Realistic Monk live at ZKM, Karlsruhe

Realistic Monk – the title a simple anagram of the names of its members – is a new performance project from Carl Stone in collaboration with artist and composer Miki Yui. Our debut performance was in Düsseldorf 2015, at the Elektro-Müller Studio as part of the Open Space Festival. With the enthusiastic response from the sold out audience, we decided to continue performing together and are currently arranging performances in Europe for September 2016.

Realistic Monk concentrates on smaller sounds, sometimes at the edge of perception. We encourage concentrated listening as we create deep soundscapes that emerge out of voices, noises, field recordings and acoustic feedback.

For more information and sound examples about Realistic Monk, we invite you to look here

realistic monks