July 10 2PM everywhere NTS Radio

Monday 2PM July 10 2023
Carl joins DJ Silvia Kastel for the July edition of her monthly radio show, listenable anywhere and everywhere via the ‘net. Previews of the newest album, due for release August 4th will be heard! The programme will be available after the live broadcast via the NTS archive.

NTS Radio

WEB: https://www.nts.live/radio

October 4 The World

Sunday October 4 2020
Musicity and the University of Tokyo’s Memu Earth Lab present a 48 hour broadcast from Memu, a uniquely dynamic location in Hokkaido, northern Japan. The theme is Listening to the present: questions for the future, created by Nick Luscombe, Yu Morishita, James Greer. Music and interview with Carl Stone included. Transmission is spread in 8-hour broadcasts repeated 3 times daily, starting October 4 12 pm JST/12 pm
Full list of the many great participants, and the player to listen all found at https://tinyurl.com/ya49qnxw


October 2 Open 18h00 start 19h00 CST Winnipeg Bijou Patio Send + Receive Festival

Friday October 2 2020 Open 18h00 start 19h00 CST
Carl Stone and Akihirume headline the Send and Receive Festival in Winnipeg Canada. The performance will be streamed for all to watch for free  and will feature Carl in Los Angeles and Akihirume in Tokyo.

Click http://www.sendandreceive.org to watch.

Stream available October 2 from 7:00 PM in Winnipeg


  • Carl Stone and Akaihirume (US/JP) http://sukothai.com
  • Xuan Ye 叶轩 (CN/CA)
  • Colby Richardson (CA
  • Sarah Jo Kirsch (CA)


Bijou Patio
92 Main Street, 4 Winnipeg MB CANADA

September 6 11AM New York – or your local time streaming on the internet WFMU

Friday September 6 2019 11AM New York – or your local time
Carl and Akihirume perform live on the third and final hour of Radio Ravioli with Olivia on WFMU. 11AM Eastern, 8AM PDT, 5PM in London, 3AM Saturday in Tokyo.


  • Carl Stone
  • Akaihirume

91.1 and 91.9 fm in New Jersey and New York City, and at 90.1 and 91.9 fm in the Hudson Valley
streaming on the internet


June 19 6PM the world KALW-fm

<strong>Sunday June 19 2022 6PM</strong>

Carl will be a guest of KALW’s fine music program REVOLUTIONS PER MINUTE, hosted by Sarah Cahill. He’ll talk and play selections from his new album just now released on Unseen Worlds, and he will also give a preview of his upcoming appearance at Garden of Memory at the Chapel of the Chimes in Oakland on June 21.


WEB: <a HREF=”https://www.kalw.org/show/revolutions-per-minute” target=”_blank”> https://www.kalw.org/show/revolutions-per-minute</a>

WEB: <a HREF=”https://www.kalw.org/” target=”_blank”>https://www.kalw.org/</a>

September 11 20h00-22h00 Koln GERMANY A-Musik

Tuesday September 11 2018 20h00-22h00
Carl makes an appearance at the wonderful record store A-Musik in Koln. He’ll perform as part of Wolfgang Brauneis’s hosting of an a-musik radio show at dublab.de radio. So folks in Koln can come down to the Eberplatz to watch live, others can tune in to dublab.de to listen!
Kleiner Griechenmarkt 28-30

August 8 10:00 World Wide Internet Dublab.com

Wednesday August 8 2018 10:00
I’ll host a two-hour tribute to my friend and eating companion Jonathan Gold on Dublab.com. As you know, I name all of my tracks after restaurants I like, and as a Los Angeles native who now lives in Tokyo, more than 60% of my titles are restaurants that Gold had reviewed. During this broadcast, we will hear some of those pieces and remember some of those words. With luck, some special guests will join us too!

web: http://dublab.com
World Wide Internet


January 11 9AM & 9PM Eastern World-Wide via Internet Red Bull Radio

Thursday January 11 2018 9AM & 9PM Eastern
My Fireside Chat w/ Mark ‘Frosty’ McNeill is premiering on Red Bull Radio next Thursday, Jan 11th, 9 AM EST and will re-run at 9 PM EST, as well as several other times over the next couple of weeks.

Summary of times:
USA West Coast: January 11 at 6AM and 6PM
USA East Coast: January 11 at 9AM and 9PM
Central Europe: January 11 at 15h00 and January 12 at 03h00
Japan: January 11 at 23h00 and January 12 at 11h00

You can check the current schedule here: https://www.redbullradio.com/schedule .

After the Thursday premiere the show will be available to listen to on-demand (outside the US) under the direct link:

It is always fun to be on the interviewee side of the microphone. Please try to tune in!

Red Bull Radio

World-Wide via Internet


February 2 6PM-8PM PST World-Wide via Internet Dublab Radio

Thursday February 2 2017 6PM-8PM PST
Carl will be a guest on internet radio station DUBLAB, as a guest of the redoubtable Lady C. He’ll talk, play some recordings and do a live set on the air! Accessible anywhere in the word via the link below, here are some sample time zones to hear the interview and performance:

LA/SF: 6-8 PM Thursday Feb 2
NYC: 9-11 PM Thursday Feb 2
London: 2-4 AM Friday Feb 3
Paris: 03h00-05h00 Friday Feb 3
Bangkok: 09h00-11h00 Friday Feb 3
Tokyo: 11h00-13h00 Friday Feb 3

Try to tune in!!

Dublab Radio

World-Wide via Internet


February 10 Midnight – 1AM PST World-Wide via Internet KPFA Radio

Friday February 10 2017 Midnight – 1AM
Carl will be a guest on Over The Edge, radio station KPFA-fm, broadcast terrestially in the greater California Bay Area and also streaming live at KPFA.org He’ll talk with show host Wobbly, play some recordings and maybe do a live set on the air! Accessible anywhere in the word via the link below, here are some sample time zones to hear the interview and performance:

LA/SF: Midnight – 1 AM Friday Feb 10
NYC: 3 -4 AM Friday Feb 10
London: 8-9 AM Friday Feb 10
Paris: 09h00-10h00 Friday Feb 10
Bangkok: 01500-16h00 Friday Feb 10
Tokyo: 17h00-138h00 Friday Feb 10

Try to tune in!!

KPFA Radio

World-Wide via Internet


September 11 20h00-21h00 (Central Europe) world wide via internet The Lake Radio

Sunday September 11 2016 20h00-21h00 (Central Europe)
Carl in conversation with Jan Stricker from The Lake Radio, live on the internet from 20h00-21h00 (Central Europe) [2PM-3PM (New York 27h00-28h00 (Japan)]. Music included!

Broadcasting from Copenhagen to the world, The Lake is on air 24 hours daily at www.thelakeradio.com. The Lake aims to be the anti-thesis of commercial radio. Its function is to serve as a platform for experimental and inspiring music and sounds, without playlists, boundaries or limitations. The carefully curated library spans all decades of recorded audio, crossing geographical borders, languages and genres.

The Lake Radio

world wide via internet


September 20 20h00-22h00 (Central Europe) world wide via internet Radio Panik

Tuesday September 20 2016 20h00-22h00
Carl on the air on Radio Panik, originating out Belgium at 105.4 mHz and available world wide live via the internet and later via podcast. Carl will be interrogated for two hours by Nico Bogaerts, long time programmer and radio producer. Radio Panik can be streamed from their home page at http://www.radiopanik.org/. Original broadcast will take place September 20 from 20h00-21h00 (Central Europe) [2PM-3PM (New York 27h00-28h00 (Japan)]. Music included!
Radio Panik

2016 年 2月 4 日 (木) 6PM-8PM PST
Dublab Radio

2016 年 2月 4 日 (木) 6PM-8PM PsT

カールは、インターネットラジオ局DUBLABのラジオ番組 Lady C’s show へゲスト出演し、トーク、音楽そしてライブ演奏も行います。タイムゾーンを参考に、世界中の何処からでも下記のリンクへアクセスして、インタビューとパフォーマンスをお楽しみ下さい。

Dublab Radio

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 4.01.55 PM

February 4 6PM-8PM PST worldwide via internet Dublab Radio

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 4.01.55 PMThursday February 4 6PM-8PM PST
Carl will be a guest on internet radio station DUBLAB, as a guest of the redoubtable Lady C. He’ll talk, play some recordings and do a live set on the air! Accessible anywhere in the word via the link below, here are some sample time zones to hear the interview and performance:

LA/SF: 6-8 PM Thursday Feb 4
NYC: 9-11 PM Thursday Feb 4
London: 2-4 AM Friday Feb 5
Paris: 03h00-05h00 Friday Feb 5
Bangkok: 09h00-11h00 Friday Feb 5
Tokyo: 11h00-13h00 Friday Feb 5

Try to tune in!!

Dublab Radio
worldwide via internet

March 7 6 PM – 8PM World-Wide via Internet KXLU-fm

kxlu-logo-revisedMonday March 7 2016 6 PM – 8PM
Carl Stone will be summarily interrogated by Professor Cantaloupe on his weekly program Glossolalia on FM station KXLU. He may also be convinced to do a live in-studio recording. The station can be heard via terrestrial radio at 88.9 FM, in the Los Angeles area, or via live streaming anywhere in the world at http://kxlu.com/live-stream/.

Here’s a few of the times when the broadcast can be heard, depending on location:

  • LA/SF: 6-8 PM Monday March 7
  • NYC: 9-11 PM Monday March 7
  • London: 2-4 AM Tuesday March 8
  • Paris: 03h00-05h00 Tuesday March 8
  • Bangkok: 09h00-11h00 Tuesday March 8
  • Tokyo: 11h00-13h00 Tuesday March 8

Try to tune in!!

everywhere in the world
World-Wide via Internet