May 21 Open 19h00 Start 19h30 Tokyo Shinjuku-ku Hikari no Uma Tokyo Improvisation Carnival vol.5

Saturday May 21 2022 Open 19h00 Start 19h30
Carl and Makiko Sakurai reunite for a duo performance at Hikari no Uma, the intimate cafe space in Okubo. Makiko Sakurai is a vocalist as well as a Shirabyōshi (白拍子), namely a Japanese female entertainer who practiced in the Heian and Kamakura periods, singing songs and performing dances dressed as men.Also on the evening’s bill: WCN v2A (Izumi Gunji + Sean Fujimoto)、Kyohansha (ISSHEE (bass) + Keiko Higuchi (dms.vo.))

Online streaming at:

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Resevation: Hikarino Uma
Information: Maripla


  • Carl Stone
  • Makiko Sakurai
  • WCN v2a
  • Kyohansha

Advance: ¥3000 Same Day: ¥3500 (+ 1 drink)

Hikari no Uma
Hyakunincho 1-23-17 B1 Ohkubo Shinjuku-ku Tokyo
169-0073 東京都新宿区百人町1-23-17-B1
Map (English) at here

May 29 open 17h00 start 17h30 Tokyo Shimokitazawa Lady Jane

Sunday May 29 2022 open 17h00 start 17h30
Carl Stone & Michiyo Yagi IMPROV DUO!

Carl’s return to this long-standing and intimate venue in Shimokitazawa, after almost five years. A great place to listen to what can happen when a virtuoso koto player who is constantly pushing the boundaries gets tangled up with a live-sampling sonic Cuisinart blender masquerading as a laptop.


  • Carl Stone
  • Michiyo Yagi

¥3000 (w/ pre-reservation), ¥3500 same day
I drink minimum.

Lady Jane
Daizawa 5-31-14Setagaya-ku Tokyo 1F
東京都世田谷区代沢5丁目31−14 第2和泉ハイツ 1F03-3412-2947
Map (Japanese) here

June 4 Open 16:30 / Start 17:00 Niigata JP Niigata Kensei-kinenkan

Saturday June 4 2022 Open 16:30 / Start 17:00
Carl celebrates the special sounds of Niigata in a performance at the Niigata Kensei-kinenkan.


ADV ¥3000 / DOOR ¥3,500

Niigata Kensei-kinenkan
3-2 Ichibanboridori-cho, Chuo-ku, Niigata City
Map (Japanese) here

June 12 open 14h00 start 14h30 Tokyo Shibuya JP Kouen Dori Classics

Sunday June 12 2022 open 14h00 start 14h30
Carl joins forces with Michiyo Yagi’s quartet Talon, a group that combines traditional Japanese music with elements of progressive rock, avant-garde contemporary music, and free improvisation What will happen when a laptop joins with four kotos in the hands of these exciting and ground breaking musicians? Come to the show to find out!


  • Michiyo Yagi (electric 21-string koto, electric 17-string koto, 13-string koto, voice)
  • Carl Stone (laptop)
  • Hiroko Takahashi (electric 17-string koto, 13-string koto, voice)
  • Maki Isogai (17-string koto, 13-string koto, voice)
  • Michie Kobayashi (25-string koto, voice)

Advance Reservation: ¥3000 Same Day: ¥3500 door (+ 1 drink min.)
Kouen Dori Classics
Yamate Kyoukai B1F Udagawacho Shibuya-ku
Map (Japanese) here

June 21 time tba Oakland CA Chapel of the Chimes

Tuesday June 21 2022 time tba
Carl returns to Chapel of the Chimes, the where hundreds of artists gather every year on the Summer Solstice to perform in the amazing Julia Morgan designed columbarium for the event Garden of Memory, produced and directed by Sarah Cahill along with New Music Bay Area . Stay tuned for more details!

Chapel of the Chimes
4499 Piedmont Avenue Oakland CA
Map (English) at here

July 17 Open 19h00 Start 19h30 Tokyo Ochiai SOUP

Sunday July 17 2022 Open 19h00 Start 19h30
Carl Stone × 吉田達也 ×
神田綾子 トリオ

DJ :


Reservation: ¥2500 Same Day: ¥3000

3-9-10 Mikasa BLD BF1 Kamiochiai Shinjuku-ku Tokyo
東京都新宿区落合3-9-10 三笠ビルBF1
Map (Japanese) here

July 31 open 19h00 start 19h30 Tokyo Shibuya-ku Kouen Dori Classics

Photo: Samantha Gore

Sunday July 31 2022 open 19h00 start 19h30
Carl returns to Koendori Classics to join with the redoubtable Akaihirume for an evening of solos and duets.


Advance ¥3000, Door ¥3500, And 1Drink Order

Kouen Dori Classics
Yamate Kyoukai B1F Udagawacho Shibuya-ku
Map (Japanese) here

March 25 9PM EDT Experimental Intermedia Foundation

Friday March 25 2022 9PM EDT

Ulrich Krieger and Carl Stone (Los Angeles and Tokyo)                                   Friday 25

Ulrich Krieger (winds) and Carl Stone (computer) triangulate with EI from California and Tokyo, as they lob the musical data back and forth over the uncharted depths of the information highways, recursively and relentlessly processing each other. This will be streamed live over the internet so please check local times.


Experimental Intermedia Foundation

224 Centre St # 3  New York, NY


October 2 Open 18h00 start 19h00 CST Winnipeg Bijou Patio Send + Receive Festival

Friday October 2 2020 Open 18h00 start 19h00 CST
Carl Stone and Akihirume headline the Send and Receive Festival in Winnipeg Canada. The performance will be streamed for all to watch for free  and will feature Carl in Los Angeles and Akihirume in Tokyo.

Click to watch.

Stream available October 2 from 7:00 PM in Winnipeg


  • Carl Stone and Akaihirume (US/JP)
  • Xuan Ye 叶轩 (CN/CA)
  • Colby Richardson (CA
  • Sarah Jo Kirsch (CA)


Bijou Patio
92 Main Street, 4 Winnipeg MB CANADA

January 16 19h00 Ho Chi Minh City VN MoT+++ Saigon

Thursday January 16 2020 19h00
Carl’s Ho Chi Minh City debut!
The venue is MoT+++s an independent, artist-run space in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. it collaborates with artists to create an experimental environment that encourages artists to push the boundaries of their practice. Joining for the evening will be Lý Trang the experimental pop/electronic composer and producer based in Hanoi as well as cross genre multi-instrumental musician and sound artist Scobi Wan.


100,000 dong

MoT+++ Saigon
1057 Đường Bình Quới, Phường 28, Bình Thạnh, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam