March 9 18h30 Kanazawa JP Kanazawa Citizen’s Art Center Kanazawa International Experimental Music Festival 2024

Saturday 18h30 March 9 2024
This will be the first of Carl’s several appearances during the Kanazawa International Experimental Music Festival 2024 (directed by Adachi Tomomi)..In this concert, Carl will be paired with ASUNA for a first time improvisational collaboration.The evening will also feature a performance by Liz Allbee and Improvisation Music Workshop participants,
Liz Allbee trumpet electronics solo, and the improvisational pairings of Kinoshita Masamichi+Shimada Hideaki, and Ricardo Arias+Adachi Tomomi. The festival runs from March 8-10 and includes workshops as well as concerts. It spans improvised music, contemporary classical and sound art, and seeks to connect the internationalism of the experimental music community and localism.

General 2000 yen, Student 1000 yen (500 yen extra on the day)

Pass ticket (for 4 concerts) 6,000 yen (email reservation only)

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Kanazawa Citizen’s Art Center
1-1 Daiwa-cho, Kanazawa, Ishikawa

Map (Japanese) here