January 27 19h00 Tokyo Meguro-ku Japan Lounge Vertigo @ Boys Town Cafe

Friday January 27 2017 19h00
Carl’s Tokyo DJ debut, as he spins LPs and WAV files for a night as Lounge Vertigo, with fellow DJs Bob Sliwa and Mark Thompson. The lounge is located inside the Boys Town Cafe, where the LP collection is massive and the drink prices are miniscule. No cover fee and all drinks are 500 yen. Hope to see you there!


  • Bob Sliwa
  • Mark Thompson
  • Carl Stone

Lounge Vertigo @ Boys Town Cafe
Nishigotanda 5-1-14 B1 Shinagwa-ku Tokyo(30 seconds from Fudomae Station, Meguro Line)
Tokyo Meguro-ku Japan

January 29 Open:19:30 Start: 20:00 Tokyo JAPAN Soup

Sunday January 29 2017 Open:19:30 Start: 20:00
Carl Stone joins the fun at Soup in the Ochiai area of Tokyo with an event called Kill the Rave

What has been happening after rave?
What is ideology bring us from Hong Kong, US, Japan together into a newskool of global noise culture?


  • Nerve (Hong Kong)
  • Carl Stone + Gil Kuno (US/Japan)
  • Pain Jerk (Japan)
  • Fuyama Yousuke (Japan)

2000 yen

3-9-10 Mikasa BLD BF1 Kamiochiai Shinjuku-ku Tokyo

Map (English) at here
Map (Japanese) at here

January 21 20h00 Singapore La Salle College of the Arts

Friday January 20 2017 20h00
Carl performs at the 2017 C.H.O.P.P.A Festival, which runs two days, January 20 and 21st. He’ll do a solo set and also a duo with Natalie Alexandra, who plays the guzheng (Chinese zither) & electronics. The 2017 edition of C.H.O.P.P.A. Experimental Music Festival is the most ambitious festival they have planned yet, featuring incredible musicians from around Southeast Asia, United States of America and Europe. Presenting exploratory music at the cutting edge of practice, this festival covers a wide range of the sonic arts from the far reaches of electronic music and electro-acoustic improvisation.

The festival schedule is as follows:
January 20:
1. Dharma + Sudarshan Chandra Kumar + Brian O’Reilly
2. George Chua + Zeekos Perakos + Aqilah Misuary
3. Aya Sekine + Yong Yandson + Ian Woo
January 21:
1.Siew-Wai Kok +  Jingyin (Jon) He + Dirk Stromberg
2. Mirror Unit
3. Carl Stone solo
4. Carl Stone + Natalie Alexandra


  • Natalie Alexandra
  • George Chua
  • Dharma
  • Jingyin (Jon) He
  • Siew-Wai Kok
  • Sudarshan Chandra Kumar
  • Aqilah Misuary 
  • TIm O’Dwyer
  • Brian O’Reilly
  • Zeekos Perakos
  • Aya Sekine
  • Carl Stone
  • Dirk Stromberg
  • Georg Wisell
  • Ian Woo
  • Yong Yandson


La Salle College of the Arts
LASALLE Flexible Performance Space, 1 McNally Street

Map (English) at here