Two Releases Now Out on Unseen Worlds

Two albums just released on CD. HIMALAYA, the newest of them (featuring title track with @akaihirume), is now out on CD and DIGITAL formats. BAROO joins the physical realm today on CD, as well. Both HIMALAYA and BAROO have delicious vinyl platters forthcoming. Please enjoy this first course… artwork by Sam Lubicz

“Stone makes music that can hit your ear holes like a DMT flash.”
– Richard Gehr, Relix

“Stone is still ahead of the game when it comes to his knack for discovering a world of music in a grain of sound.” – Julian Cowley, The Wire

“It’s another hall of mirrors but this time, its every surface is in a packed lysergic night club. Strings stretched, fragments jackhammer, and thick synthetic arcs swarm….Stone is on fire here” – John J Nicol, Obladada