November 9 Open19:00 Start 19:30 Kyoto JP Soto

Friday November 9 2018 Open19:00 Start 19:30
REALISTIC MONK (Carl Stone + Miki Yui), just back from a successful tour in Europe and celebrating the release of their first album, make their Kyoto debut. The unit concentrates on smaller sounds, sometimes at the edge of perception, encouraging concentrated listening as they create deep soundscapes that emerge out of voices, noises, field recordings and acoustic feedback. In addition to their duo performance, the evening will feature solos from each of the artists.

Soto is a ive venue created by the band Kukangendai.

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  • REALISTIC MONK (Carl Stone + Miki Yui)

Adv. 2500 yen Door 3000 yen Student 2000 yen

18, Shishigatani Honeninnishimachi, Sakyo-ku Kyoto-shi,
Kyoto, 606-842
Kyoto JP
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