September 6 open 20:00 start 20:30 Dusseldorf Germany Filmwerkstatt Düsseldorf


Tuesday September 6 2016 open 20:00 start 20:30
REALISTIC MONK (Carl Stone + Miki Yui) perform at Filmwerkstatt, the comfortable cinema with great sound that hosted Carl’s solo performance in 2014. More details as they emerge. The unit’s title a simple anagram of the names of its members. Realistic Monk concentrates on smaller sounds, sometimes at the edge of perception, encouraging concentrated listening as they create deep soundscapes that emerge out of voices, noises, field recordings and acoustic feedback.


  • REALISTIC MONK (Carl Stone & Miki Yui)

8 EUR / 6 EUR (student discount)

Filmwerkstatt Düsseldorf
Birkenstraße 47 (Hofgebäude), 40233, Düsseldorf, Germany
Dusseldorf Germany
0049 (0)211 40 80 701