July 8 7PM Open 8PM Start Edinburgh Scotland The Queen’s Hall

Saturday 7PM Open 8PM Start July 8 2023
Songwriter James Yorkston’s gloriously eclectic nights of music and sounds have made a new home at The Queen’s Hall and Carl Stone will be featured in the spectacle of the main Hall, along with an eclectic mix with two other artists, singer/songwriter Susan Bear and Lomond Campbell, an artist who often incorporates sculpture, engineering, product design and visual art into his music.

“I just try and mix things up, keeping the line-ups interesting, not one particular genre or theme to a night… A lot of the people I ask to play are friends who I’ve known for years, or just people I’ve met on the road whose music has taken to me. When programming, I start with Who would I like to see play? and work from there…” (James Yorkston)



The Queen’s Hall
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