June 12 open 14h00 start 14h30 Tokyo Shibuya JP Kouen Dori Classics

Sunday June 12 2022 open 14h00 start 14h30
Carl joins forces with Michiyo Yagi’s quartet Talon, a group that combines traditional Japanese music with elements of progressive rock, avant-garde contemporary music, and free improvisation What will happen when a laptop joins with four kotos in the hands of these exciting and ground breaking musicians? Come to the show to find out!


  • Michiyo Yagi (electric 21-string koto, electric 17-string koto, 13-string koto, voice) https://www.facebook.com/michiyo.yagi.50
  • Carl Stone (laptop) http://rlsto.net
  • Hiroko Takahashi (electric 17-string koto, 13-string koto, voice)
  • Maki Isogai (17-string koto, 13-string koto, voice)
  • Michie Kobayashi (25-string koto, voice)

Advance Reservation: ¥3000 Same Day: ¥3500 door (+ 1 drink min.)
Kouen Dori Classics
Yamate Kyoukai B1F Udagawacho Shibuya-ku
Map (Japanese) here
WEB: http://www.koendoriclassics.com