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  • Bandcamp Profiles Carl
    The Otherworldly Music of Carl Stone
  • The Wire Reviews Carl Stone’s 50 Year Anniversary Release
     “Filled with irony, misdirection and enchanting mischief…there are many ways to enjoy this music, the best is to just enjoy and delight in the sheer charm.” https://unseenworlds.com/…/carl-stone-electronic-music… TheWire October 2023
  • Reworks Vol. 2 Makes Artforum’s Best of 2022
    Carl Stone’s remix project WE JAZZ REWORKS VOL. 2 (We Jazz label) is included in Artforum’s BEST MUSIC OF 2022, curated by Jace Clayton. Carl was given carte blanche to use ten releases from the Finnish label We Jazz as source material for seven new works. More information / Listen / Download HERE  
  • WAT DONG MOON LEK Makes The Wire’s REWIRE -Best of 2022
    Once again we’re honored to be included in The Wire’s “REWIRE” Best of 2022 list. This release on Unseen Worlds keeps Carl’s unbroken streak going since 2016. “Carl Stone is a half-century into his career – so how is it that his music still sounds fresh? Wat Dong Moon Lek sees the West Coast composer working ...
  • BoomKat Reviews Wat Dong Moon Lek
    Boomkat Product Review: Avant-garde computer music pioneer Carl Stone’s newest is a Max/MSP powered deep dive into unsettled dreamworld sampledelica, warping pitch-fuct pop garbles into hiccuping noise spirals and quasi-techno ethno-pop bumpers. Properly off the dial material that sounds like a plunderphonic take on the Sublime Frequencies catalog, or ABBA reworked by Oval. ‘Wat Dong Moon Lek’ might ...
  • DUSTED MAGAZINE Reviews the Gall Tones EP
  • Esquire Magazine Interview June 2022
    Carl sat down for an interview with Esquire’s Christopher Berry to talk about his time in Tokyo hunting for great sounds. You can read the full interview HERE
  • Carl Stone: STOLEN CAR Chosen for Top Ten 2020 by The Wire
    The January 2021 (Issue 443) edition of The Wire has chosen STOLEN CAR, Carl’s Fall 2020 release on Unseen Worlds as Number 10 in their annual round-up “Rewind 2020”!
  • The WIRE Reviews Latest Album “Stolen Car”
    The redoubtable Emily Bick of The WIRE Reviews Latest Album “Stolen Car”
  • LUCA Publishes Spanish Language Interview With Carl Stone
    Spanish language Webzine LUCA has published Carl’s first extensive Spanish language interview. Webzine en español LUCA ha publicado la primera entrevista extensa en español de Carl. http://luca.lat/entrevistas/musica-de-sistemas-libres http://luca.lat/acerca-de
  • Baroo & Himalaya Albums Both Named “Best of 2019” by The Wire, Pitchfork, Artforum, Bandcamp
    Both Carl Stone album releases from 2019 found their ways onto a number of Best of the Year lists, from Artforum to The Wire. THE WIRE: Himalaya: Best of 2019 14/100 “The world’s pop music has become putty in Stone’s hands. Each piece could, in theory, keep reassembling its particles infinitely” https://www.thewire.co.uk/issues/431 THE WIRE: Baroo: Best of 2019 27/100 “Like a vivd ...
  • Full Review of HIMALAYA in The Wire’s December 2019 Issue
    Carl Stone made the wise decision to split his latest creations over several releases. Carl Stone Himalaya Unseen Worlds CD/DL/2xLP   It takes 35 minutes to reach the summit of Carl Stone’s new Himalaya. To arrive there, you ascend through manically cut up and overlaid Afrobeats, funk and hiphop grooves together with a tasty disco riff that ...
  • The Wire’s review of Himalaya, my latest release
    Happy to report, The Wire’s review of Himalaya, my latest release, is pretty much a rave. Excerpt: It takes 35 minutes to reach the summit of Carl Stone’s new Himalaya. To arrive there, you ascend through manically cut up and overlaid Afrobeats, funk and hiphop grooves together with a tasty disco riff that reassembles the very ...
  • The Wire reviews my latest release on Unseen Worlds
    “It’s terrific….Stone is still ahead of the game when it comes to his knack for discovering a world of music in a grain of sound.” Baroo The Wire Review April 2019
  • The Wire Includes Us In The Top Ranks of Their Annual Roundup
    Wire year end 2018
  • The Wire Reviews Realistic Monk at Cafe Oto for its Historic 400th Issue
    “Drones and soundscapes in the cosy interior of Cafe Oto are the ideal counterpoint to a dank early spring afternoon in London, but the real draw that’s brought so many out are solo and combined performances by two innovating musicians…put the two together, the soft and subtle crafting of Miki Yui and the popped out ...
  • British Literary Mag Hotel Publishes Jack Goldstein’s Treatise on Carl Stone’s “VIM”
    Jack Goldstein makes the inevitable connection between Carl Stone’s eighties composition VIM, the Beach Boys, Thai food and Karl Marx’s economic analogies, all while sharing Turkish food and talking to Carl in London. http://partisanhotel.co.uk/Jack-Goldstein-Carl-Stone go back to Press Clippings go back to Recordings
  • Zurkonic Reviews Our Brooklyn Concert March 2017
    “I’ve never been moved to jump out of my seat at the end of the performance but I’ll be damned if I didn’t even realize I was standing until I had been clapping rapturously along with the rest of the crowd for a couple minutes. “The show’s last piece would be the one that solidified Stone ...
  • Latest Release Gets Picked by The Wire as Best Album of the Year 2016 (Archival Category)
    “West Coast composer Carl Stone was one of the first to plug in to the possibilities of digital synthesizers, samplers and effects. Electronic Music included “Shibucho”, an audacious sample flip of The Temptations’ My Girl that connects Steve Reich’s Come Out to Chicago footwork, and two explorations of the possibilities of the Buchla synth. Julian ...
  • Boomkat Loves Our New Release and Makes Us Laugh Telling Us So
    “lights up our pleasure centres like a quid in a fruit machine, using a palette of eastern-tuned scales, processed vocals and pop samples to conjure a majorly playful array of idiosyncratic, angular and intriguing arrangements that resonate with Robert Ashley’s mercurial cut-ups as much as The Automatics Group’s incisive dance pop detournements and the proto-glitch music ...