October 26 tba Lima Peru Espacio Fundación Telefónica

Friday October 26 2018 tba
My Lima debut! My Peruvian debut! My South America debut! So excited to be joining INTEGRACIONES VIII, a festival of electronic music. In its own words, gthe festival “INTEGRACIONES is a festival that wants to dialogue and interrogate the conventions of sound creation. We want to free a space for exchange and want to legitimize a place from which to write our own story”


  • Carl Stone (US/Japan)
  • Valicha (Perú)
  • Cara Stacey + Camilo Ángeles (Sudáfrica / Perú)
  • Aylu (Argentina)
  • Lucrecia Dalt (Colombia)
  • Teté Leguía (Perú)
  • Jason Kahn (Suiza)
  • Calato + Yoto (Argentina/Perú)
  • Puppies in the Sun (Perú)
  • Rito Verdugo (Perú)
  • Intermedio: Lima Grita (Conversatorio / Proyección)
  • Sunset Images (México)
  • Las Robertas (Costa Rica)
  • Deaf Kids (Brasil)


Espacio Fundación Telefónica
Av. Arequipa 1155, Lima
Lima Peru
(+51-1) 210 1327

November 3 10h00-20h00 Yoro Gifu Yoro Park

Saturday November 3 2018 10h00-20h00
Carl performs as part of the 2018 Yoro Art Picnic! Yoro Falls, which boasts a 1,300 year history, and the Site of Reversible Destiny, which is a kind of sacred ground of contemporary art: Yoro Park is home to these two picturesque sites, and it is here that new event will be born. The setting will be the park’s gently sloping lawn. Carl’s performance will take place at around 19h00.


  • Carl Stone
  • メゾネットメゾン
  • NxPC.Lab(f&u, Kazuhide, Takeshi Hayashi, m1123 Band)


Yoro Park
Takabayashi 1298-2 Yoro-gun Gifu Pref.
Yoro Gifu
058-272-1111 ext. 3773

November 15 open 18h30 start 19h00 Tokyo Toyosu Toyosu Civic Center Hall

Thursday November 15 2018 open 18h30 start 19h00
Pianist Aki Takahashi performs in the world premiere of Cal Stone’s work for piano and computer “Felix”. Also on the program will be music by Franz Schubert, Joji Yuasa, Michael Parsons, Somei Satoh, Christian Wolff, Alvin Curran and Terry Riley


  • Aki Takahashi (高橋アキ)
  • Carl Stone (カール・ストーン)

4000 yen

Toyosu Civic Center Hall
Toyosu 2-2-18 Kouto-ku Tokyo 135-0061
Tokyo Toyosu
Map (English) at here
Map (Japanese) at here

November 30 6 PM Chicago IL Lampo Annex

Friday November 30 2018 6 PM
An artist-talk preview for the next night’s performance at the Graham Foundation in Chicago. Carl describes his early days as a composer and explains how he came to some of his techniques, including his “Sukothai” process.


Lampo Annex
Monadnock Building, 53 W. Jackson Blvd. #1656
chicago IL


December 1st 8 PM Chicago IL The Graham Foundation

Saturday December 1 2018 8 PM
Carl returns to Chicago after twelve years to perform as part of the great LAMPO series, at the The Graham Foundation’s Madlener House. The Graham Foundation occupies a beautiful mansion built in 1901, and the performances will be on the building’s third floor, in the former ballroom. It’s a wide-open room, wood floors, high ceiling, rand an excellent sound system. The concert is free, so it is recommended you reserve as soon as possible.

The Graham Foundation
Madlener House
4 West Burton Place
Chicago, Illinois 60610
Chicago IL


December 8 open 19h30 start 20h00 Tokyo Shinjuku Sanchome JP Shinjuku Pit Inn

Saturday December 8 2018 open 19h30 start 20h00
Carl joins Altered States as part of that trio’s annual three day event at Shinjuku Pit Inn (アルタードステイツ年末恒例3デイズ) This year the venerated and venerable trio that is approaching its 30th anniversary in the next year or so is inviting a number of guest artists to join them onstage for the celebration. For the third and final evening, Carl will improvise soundtracks to a live imaginary film (itself improvised visually by SASAKI Hideaki).


  • ALTERED STATES (アルタードステイツ)
  • SASAKI Hideaki improvised visuals (ササキヒデアキ 映像)
  • CARL STONE (カールストーン) laptop
  • NAKAMURA Toshimaru 中村としまる no input mixer
  • ISHIBASHI Eiko voice etc (石橋英子 ピアノ、ヴォーカル他)

Shinjuku Pit Inn
2-12-4 B1F Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo
Tokyo Shinjuku Sanchome JP

September 11 20h00-22h00 Koln GERMANY A-Musik

Tuesday September 11 2018 20h00-22h00
Carl makes an appearance at the wonderful record store A-Musik in Koln. He’ll perform as part of Wolfgang Brauneis’s hosting of an a-musik radio show at dublab.de radio. So folks in Koln can come down to the Eberplatz to watch live, others can tune in to dublab.de to listen!
Kleiner Griechenmarkt 28-30

September 2 Berkeley CA CNMAT

Sunday September 2 2018
Carl joins with master musician Soo Yeon Lyuh, whose instrument, the haegum, from Korea, is in her hands one of the most expressive on the planet. Carl and Soo Yeon Lyuh met for the first time in Berkeley February 2016, and both soon broached the idea of working together to the other. The performance at CNMAT will be their debut as a duo. In their performance Lyuh will mix performance of traditional music for haegeum with improvisation, the results serving as prime materials for Stone’s real time sampling techniques. You WILL want to hear this debut collaboration.

1750 Arch Street St, Berkeley CA 94709
Berkeley CA
(510) 643-9990

August 8 10:00 World Wide Internet Dublab.com

Wednesday August 8 2018 10:00
I’ll host a two-hour tribute to my friend and eating companion Jonathan Gold on Dublab.com. As you know, I name all of my tracks after restaurants I like, and as a Los Angeles native who now lives in Tokyo, more than 60% of my titles are restaurants that Gold had reviewed. During this broadcast, we will hear some of those pieces and remember some of those words. With luck, some special guests will join us too!

web: http://dublab.com
World Wide Internet