TOUCHING EXTREMES Reviews Baroo in their May Edition



The last few years have given us a chance to gather a sizable chunk of Carl Stone’s older material. A pair of archival releases on this very label reminded us of the reasons for our immediate falling in love with Mom’s way back in 1992. Now it’s time to celebrate, and perhaps dance to the tune of a completely new record.
Well, not exactly. Baroo’s tracklist comprises two opuses from 2011, the remaining ones having been composed in 2018. It doesn’t matter anyway; Stone’s researching between the cracks of an intercontinental aesthetic consciousness yields laudable results whatever the age of his sounds. If anything, we could jokingly describe this item as a rhythmically charged “mutant pop” album; however, its interlocking patterns and splintered harmonic elements betray compositional subtleties that might be missed by the casual listener’s (lack of) focus. And yet, the composer himself states his hope for the audience to have fun with this music. Mission accomplished, needless to say: the title track – an entrancing salsa kaleidoscope that would stimulate Steve Reich’s jealousy – is alone worth the price of admission.
Still, this writer’s favorite is the subsequent “Xé May”. It is entirely performed on the Electron Octatrack, a small-sized sampling device that can do miracles in the right hands. A persistent “panther walk” bass vamp is a hook for the mind to coordinate its components; from there on, everything but the proverbial kitchen sink is thrown in by Stone. Pseudo-industrial lo-fi-ness, synthetic substrata, looped-and-bent voices halfway through a misshapen invocation and a muezzin’s Japanese mistress trapped inside a washing machine. These apparently absurd cohabitations, plus the substances distilled from their gradual modification, trigger sensational repercussions.
Baroo is a sunray piercing the black clouds and the cold fog to warm human plants whose flourishing is delayed. When you’re down and troubled – but don’t need a helping hand – it will work wonders, improving the mood much better than any antidepressant. Keep it close.

July 5 Open 9PM Start 10PM Hong Kong Animato Audio

Friday July 5 2019 Open 9PM Start 10PM
Carl returns to Hong Kong for another solo stint, once again in a cool spot high above on the 16th floor. The venue is Animato Audio, a synthesizer store specializing in modular synthesizers, also set up as a live venue with a soundsystem and lighting. First time in Hong Kong since 2016!


  • 0900pm DJ set
  • 1000pm Dennis Wong
  • 1045pm Yumcheok
  • 1130pm Carl Stone

$150 HKD

Animato Audio
16th Floor, CS Tower, 50 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Hong Kong
2806 6678
Map (English) at here

July 20 14h00 Matsumoto Nagano OOTE41221 World Listening Day 2019

Saturday July 20 2019 14h00
Carl joins World Listening Day 2019 : Listening With

Every year in July, people around the globe gather to celebrate World Listening Day. This year the Tokyo Phonographers Union presents World Listening Day 201: Listening With at OOTE41221 in Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture.

Listening with an awareness that all around you are other life-forms simultaneously listening and sensing with you – plant roots, owls, cicadas, voles – mutually intertwined within the web of vibrations which animate and surround our planet.

Since its inception in 2010, dozens of organizations and thousands of people from six continents have participated in World Listening Day. Help us share and grow participation in this annual event please by adding your information to our online form.

July 18th is the birth date of renowned Canadian composer, music educator, and author, R. Murray Schafer. His World Soundscape Project developed the fundamental ideas and practices of acoustic ecology in the 1970s. These inform the current, burgeoning interest in our changing acoustic environment. Thus, World Listening Day honors Schafer’s contribution to understanding our world.
14:15 – Listening Session
15:00 – Talk / Robert Millis
16:15 – Soundwalk
17:00 – Break
19:00~21:00 – Performance & screening (¥2000)

Sunday, July 21

10:00 – Soundwalk
11:00 – Discussion / Closing


  • Marcos Fernandes
  • Kio Griffith
  • Robert Millis
  • Yoshiko Mitsui
  • Hiroshi Shimizu
  • Carl Stone


Matsumoto Nagano

END OF YEAR: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Greetings! I hope this finds you well! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Welcome to the first Noozletter of 2019 (or the last one of 2018, depending on your time zone). As we cross over into the new year, I like to pause and reflect on the one past. It was in many respects a great year, but with a couple of serious bad points that cannot be ignored. The Good The Bad The Ugly

For the good:

Highlight Performances

I enjoyed virtually all of my 2018 gigs, but there are a couple of standouts. The audience rising up and dancing spontaneously to my music in Lima Peru thrilled me to the core. Being able to share the bill with Yasuaki Shimizu at the Barbicon Center in London was a distinct pleasure. Any chance to collaborate with Sankaijuku dancer/choreographer Dai Matsuoka never disappoints. And playing my compositions on a mostly-folk series in a small village in Scotland where the audience had little to no exposure to live experimental computer music yet gave me a rousing ovation and bought all my merchandise, was like a dream come true.


While still based in Japan I had a number of overseas tours and run-outs. Two tours in Europe, one solo and one with my musical partner Miki Yui as Realistic Monk. It was tremendous fun to visit Peru for the first time – wonderful people, great audiences, and some terrific food. I was able to follow up my first visit to Scotland by a second trip two months later. Both were great fun – and despite any stereotypes, I had a number of excellent meals there.

Media Attention

New releases

  • In June, Unseen Worlds released the follow-up to my 2016 release of archival works. This one is called New Electronic Music from the Eighties and Nineties. As before, I was very happy with the response from both the public and the critics. The first pressing sold out in a matter of weeks, and some of the reviews are quoted in other parts of this letter. I couldn’t be happier working with IUnseen Worlds, and am looking forward to a new release with them in 2019, featuring my recent work from the past couple of years.
  • In September, Meakusma released Realm, the first album of REALISTIC MONK, my duo project with Japanese born, German based sound artist Miki Yui. With liner notes from David Toop, this release has proved a hit especially amongst lovers of experimental ambient cinema sonore.


Big thanks to all my wonderful collaborators this past year! It has been so great working with each and every one of you.
Akaihirume, Pearl Alexander, Altered States, Anna Irite, Soo Yeon Lyuh, Dai Matsuoka, Ned Rothenberg, SAEBORG, Yasuaki Shimizu, Aki Takahashi, Ami Yamasaki, Miki Yui – Bless you all!

For the Bad:

Without question the darkest moment in the year was the sudden passing of my longtime friend, critic Jonathan Gold. Not only was he a good friend and great eating partner but always a staunch supporter of my music. He plugged me numerous times in his columns, wrote program notes for my concert at the Getty Center and did the liner notes for my first LP release on Unseen Worlds. But more than that, he was a just a great guy in every sense and his disappearance is a terrible loss for Los Angeles in particular. I was heartened by the tremendous outpouring of love that the city showed after he passed, from changing the lights at City Hall and LAX airport, naming a plaza in front of Grand Central Market, and many other tributes. It is going to be very strange to visit LA next time without him there.


For the Ugly

What, Donald Trump is still president? Are you kidding??? We really have to do something about that PRONTO.

On the horizon:

A three city tour in Taiwan with Akaihirume in January. Performing in New York and at The Big Ears Festival (Knoxville) in March. Berlin in June. DUBLAB will be hosting a serial presentation of some of my composer interviews originally broadcast on KPFK in the 1980’s, including Steve Reich, Terry Riley, Chen Yi, Toru Takemitsu and more.


Keep your ears peeled!
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Carl Stone December 2017 Noozletter Madeira & Tokyo

Greetings! I hope this finds you well. What, December is around the corner again so soon? It’s scary.

I heard a bird sing
In the dark of December,
A magical thing,
And sweet to remember:
“We are nearer to spring
Than we were in September.”
~Oliver Herford, “Hope,” in The Century Magazine, January 1914

How did it get so late so soon?
It’s night before it’s afternoon.
December is here before it’s June.
My goodness how the time has flewn.
How did it get so late so soon?
~Dr. Seuss

This Noozletter is to bring you up to date on my final activities for 2017. What a year it’s been, with performances as far flung as Taiwan, Norway, Madeira, the USA and naturally Japan. And of course there was also that most exciting and unexpected MacArthur fellowship!*

We are looking forward to any chance to see you in 2018, but meanwhile here’s information about what is coming this month. If there is any chance at all that I could meet you at one of these, I would be most glad.

* (that I didn’t get)

Vale Dos Amores / Calheta
tel: +351 291098132
Carl performs at the MADEIRADiG Festival, on the island of Madeira, situated equidistant from both Portugal and Morocco. Also on the evening bill, The Necks! The MADEIRADIG Festival is a unique adventure in extraordinary music. Each December the Portuguese island – celebrated as a ‘paradise island’ and ‘floating garden’ – is transformed into a hotbed of digital art and culture. This is an avant garde journey through the world of serious music. The festival lasts four days (December 1-4) and also includes Greg Fox, Maja S.K. Ratkje, Laraaji, Rhy Chatham and the Ectoplasm Girls

While the rest of Europe is cold and dreary, experience some of the most formidable avant garde musicians in the world and stay in a gorgeous design hotel located on a clifftop in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. This intimate festival on the mountainous volcanic island of Madeira features a stunning and unsurpassable line-up, a landscape to match and wonderful spring temperatures.
Featured Artists:
Carl Stone
The Necks
For more information about this event, send email to
Euro 15 / Euro 12 (reduced*) includes after party
Fri Dec 8 NAGOYA JP open 18h00 start 18h30
Sakae 2-17-1 Naka-ku Nagoya Aichi (inside Shirakawa Park)
tel: 052-201-4486
Map (English) at
This December 8 & 9, a special two-evening media art event at the world’s largest planetarium, featuring three new collaborative works on the theme “The Edge of Infinity.” This event has been conceived and especially designed for the unique immersive environment of the Nagoya Planetarium, with its high-resolution projection system and multi-channel sound. Artists Carl Stone, Tomohiro Ueshiba and Yuichi Ito, all members of the faculty of Chukyo University’s Media Department, join with special guest UCNV and Takehisa Mashimo, along with Planetarium Director Katsuhiro Mohri as navigator. Yoshiko Matsuzaki serves as event coordinator. The program debuts on Friday December 8th and repeats Saturday December 9th. THIS is an event you will not want to miss!
Featured Artists:
Yuichi Itou – 井藤 雄一 (image & sound)
Tomohiro Ueshiba 上芝 智裕 (image & sound)
Carl Stone カール・ストーン (sound)
Takehisa Mashimo 真下 武久 (image & sound)
ucnv (image)
Katsuhiro Mohri (narration and navigation)
Regular: 1500 yen Students 800 yen
Sun Dec 17 TOKYO KIYOSUMISHIRAKAWA open 19h00 start 20h00
please send email for address and directions

カール・ストーン/Carl Stone (electronics) and 赤い日ル女/AKAIHIRUME (voice)

return to Kiyosumishirakawa for a special performance: いつはどこへ/flow

The event takes place throughout a wonderfully designed, 3-story private home.
please contact us for more information and the address of the event:

Featured Artists:
カール・ストーン/Carl Stone (electronics)
赤い日ル女/AKAIHIRUME (voice)
For more information about this event, send email to

Sat Dec 23 TOKYO ROPPONGI JAPAN open 19h00 start 20h00
3-1-25-B1F Nishi-Azabu Minato-ku
tel: 03-5412-0515
Map (Japanese) at
Map (English) at
Carl and saxophonist Yasuaki Shimizu, the duo that electrified the Aichi Triennale back in 2013, reunite for a special performance at Tokyo’s SuperDeluxe, as the closing act for the Tokyo Noise Theater Ⅱ festival. In addition to a great line up of musicians for the show, Akiko Nakayama will be doing her amazing live painting during the entire evening. This is Carl’s final performance for 2017 – if you are anywhere near Tokyo you should try to make it!
Featured Artists:
・Yasuaki Shimizu × Carl Stone
・Hair Stylistics × Foodman
・Party Killers! (Jin Harada + Suppa Micro ・Pamchopp + Shogo Haraguchi)

Alive Painting:
・Akiko Nakayama

・Dj healthy
adv. 2800円 / door 3300円

Keep your ears peeled!
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