July 5 Open 9PM Start 10PM Hong Kong Animato Audio

Friday July 5 2019 Open 9PM Start 10PM
Carl returns to Hong Kong for another solo stint, once again in a cool spot high above on the 16th floor. The venue is Animato Audio, a synthesizer store specializing in modular synthesizers, also set up as a live venue with a soundsystem and lighting. First time in Hong Kong since 2016!


  • 0900pm DJ set
  • 1000pm Dennis Wong
  • 1045pm Yumcheok
  • 1130pm Carl Stone

$150 HKD

Animato Audio
16th Floor, CS Tower, 50 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Hong Kong
2806 6678
Map (English) at here

July 20 14h00 Matsumoto Nagano OOTE41221 World Listening Day 2019

Saturday July 20 2019 14h00
Carl joins World Listening Day 2019 : Listening With

Every year in July, people around the globe gather to celebrate World Listening Day. This year the Tokyo Phonographers Union presents World Listening Day 201: Listening With at OOTE41221 in Matsumoto, Nagano Prefecture.

Listening with an awareness that all around you are other life-forms simultaneously listening and sensing with you – plant roots, owls, cicadas, voles – mutually intertwined within the web of vibrations which animate and surround our planet.

Since its inception in 2010, dozens of organizations and thousands of people from six continents have participated in World Listening Day. Help us share and grow participation in this annual event please by adding your information to our online form.

July 18th is the birth date of renowned Canadian composer, music educator, and author, R. Murray Schafer. His World Soundscape Project developed the fundamental ideas and practices of acoustic ecology in the 1970s. These inform the current, burgeoning interest in our changing acoustic environment. Thus, World Listening Day honors Schafer’s contribution to understanding our world.
14:15 – Listening Session
15:00 – Talk / Robert Millis
16:15 – Soundwalk
17:00 – Break
19:00~21:00 – Performance & screening (¥2000)

Sunday, July 21

10:00 – Soundwalk
11:00 – Discussion / Closing


  • Marcos Fernandes
  • Kio Griffith
  • Robert Millis
  • Yoshiko Mitsui
  • Hiroshi Shimizu
  • Carl Stone


Matsumoto Nagano