Two Releases Now Out on Unseen Worlds

Two albums just released on CD. HIMALAYA, the newest of them (featuring title track with @akaihirume), is now out on CD and DIGITAL formats. BAROO joins the physical realm today on CD, as well. Both HIMALAYA and BAROO have delicious vinyl platters forthcoming. Please enjoy this first course… artwork by Sam Lubicz

“Stone makes music that can hit your ear holes like a DMT flash.”
– Richard Gehr, Relix

“Stone is still ahead of the game when it comes to his knack for discovering a world of music in a grain of sound.” – Julian Cowley, The Wire

“It’s another hall of mirrors but this time, its every surface is in a packed lysergic night club. Strings stretched, fragments jackhammer, and thick synthetic arcs swarm….Stone is on fire here” – John J Nicol, Obladada

October 20 open 17h00 start 19h00 Yokohama JP CAVE横浜

Sunday October 20 2019 open 17h00 start 19h00
Carl and Akaihirume appear as part of an event headlined by an improvo of modular synth / percussion and electric guitar by Danish musician Anders Bach and Kyoto guitarist Kouta Yamauchi.


  • Anders Bach (DK) + 山内弘太
  • 夏の大△ +???
  • ensui
  • Carl Stone and Akihirume
  • [カールストーンと赤い日ル女]
  • 未同定

adv. 2500 yen + 1drink
door. 3000 yen + 1drink

Kanagawa ken Yokohama Naka-ku Isezaki-Cho 1-3-1

Yokohama JP

November 2 open 19h00 start 19h00 Tokyo Ochiai Soup

Saturday November 2 2019 open 19h00 start 19h30
Test Tone Presents: Signals Down

Carl Stone + Ikeda Yoko
Gregor Vidic + Cal Lyall + Nicolas Field
Yagi Michiyo + Yoshida Tatsuya
DJ beermike (SuperDeluxe)>


2000 yen (includes 1 drink)

3-9-10 Mikasa BLD BF1 Kamiochiai Shinjuku-ku Tokyo
東京都新宿区落合3-9-10 三笠ビルBF1
Map (English) at here
Map (Japanese) at here

November 3 time tba Tokyo Shibuya JP EdGEof Live Performance for BBC Radio 3

Sunday November 3 2019 time tba
Carl Stone and Akihirume live on the BBC. You can attend this performance in person. Details to come soon!

BBC Radio 3 have asked Nick Luscombe to curate a night during their Japan Proms season, which will feature a range of core classical performances by the Scottish Symphony Orchestra in Osaka and Tokyo. ISo this event features a more avant-garde selection from artists based in Tokyo.


  • Carl Stone + Akaihirume (赤い日ル女)
  • Sugai Ken
  • Masanori Oishi
  • and more!

Tokyo Shibuya-ku Shibuya Jinnan 1-11-13
Tokyo Shibuya JP

Map (English) at here

November 17 open 14:00 start 15:00 ftarri Ftarri Festival 2019

Sunday November 17 2019 open 14:00 start 15:00
Carl performs with Akaihirume (赤い日ル女 ) on the 4th and final day of the 2019 FTARRI FESTIVAL. The third and forth comcerts take place in the cool venue known as BuOY,


  • Ftarri Ensemble
  • TANAKA Junichiro (guitar) + sei (vocals)
  • AKAMA Ryoko (piano, small objects) + IKEDA Yoko (viola) + IKEDA Wakana (flute) + ZHAO Cong (mixer feedback, objects, etc.)
  • Carl STONE (laptop) + Akaihirume (vocals, keyboard)
  • IMAI Kazuo (Guitar)
  • Johnny Chang (violin) + Samuel Dunscombe (clarinet) + OGAWA Michiko (clarinet)*
  • Filiment (OTOMO Yoshihide + Sachiko M)

General – 5,500 yen in advance, 6,000 yen at the door
Student – 4,500 yen in advance, 5,000 yen at the door
General and Student tickets include 1 beverage each day.
2-day pass (advance purchase only):
General – 10,000 yen / Student – 8,000 yen

Okuno Bldg B1F 1-4-11 Hongo Bunkyo-ku Tokyo

Map (Japanese) at here

December 6 19h30 Tokyo Shimo-Kitazawa Japan Apollo Live At The Apollo!

Friday December 6 2019 19h30
Carl joins up for a first time meeting with guitarist Makoto Kawabata (Acid Mothers Temple) and New Mexico based virtuoso percussionist Tatsuya Nakatani (a rare performance in his home country). You will want to be there for this unique combination.


¥2000 advance, ¥2500 same day, 1 drink minimum

EIKO Bldg. B1, Kitazawa 2-9-22 Setagaya-ku Tokyo
東京都世田谷区北沢2-9-22 EIKOビルB1
Map (Japanese) at here

October 6 open 19:30 start 20:00 Tokyo Bunkyo-ku ftarri

Sunday October 6 2019 open 19:30 start 20:00
Ken IKEDA+Tim OLIVE+Carl STONE. First meeting of these three electronic musicians, each with their unique style, in what will certainly be an evening of sonic revelation and wonder. Tickets ¥2000 in advance, ¥2500 at the door. Open at 19h30, start at 20h00. Folks can email to reserve or with further questions.


  • Tim OLIVE
  • Ken IKEDA [池田 謙]
  • Carl STONE [カールストーン]

Advance: ¥2000 Same Day: ¥2500

Okuno Bldg B1F 1-4-11 Hongo Bunkyo-ku Tokyo
Tokyo Bunkyo-ku

Map (Japanese) at here

September 6 11AM New York – or your local time streaming on the internet WFMU

Friday September 6 2019 11AM New York – or your local time
Carl and Akihirume perform live on the third and final hour of Radio Ravioli with Olivia on WFMU. 11AM Eastern, 8AM PDT, 5PM in London, 3AM Saturday in Tokyo.


  • Carl Stone
  • Akaihirume

91.1 and 91.9 fm in New Jersey and New York City, and at 90.1 and 91.9 fm in the Hudson Valley
streaming on the internet