December 8 open 19h30 start 20h00 Tokyo Shinjuku Sanchome JP Shinjuku Pit Inn

Saturday December 8 2018 open 19h30 start 20h00
Carl joins Altered States as part of that trio’s annual three day event at Shinjuku Pit Inn (アルタードステイツ年末恒例3デイズ) This year the venerated and venerable trio that is approaching its 30th anniversary in the next year or so is inviting a number of guest artists to join them onstage for the celebration. For the third and final evening, Carl will improvise soundtracks to a live imaginary film (itself improvised visually by SASAKI Hideaki).


  • ALTERED STATES (アルタードステイツ)
  • SASAKI Hideaki improvised visuals (ササキヒデアキ 映像)
  • CARL STONE (カールストーン) laptop
  • NAKAMURA Toshimaru 中村としまる no input mixer
  • ISHIBASHI Eiko voice etc (石橋英子 ピアノ、ヴォーカル他)

Shinjuku Pit Inn
2-12-4 B1F Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo
Tokyo Shinjuku Sanchome JP