CARL STONE Electronic Music from the Seventies and Eighties

“a missing link, not only in the history of avant-garde and electronic music, but within the entire body of arranged sound (popular or otherwise).” – The Hum

“stunning …. full of purring drones that at first appear to hardly be moving, only to have them slowly slide and reveal infinite amounts of overtones…lovely, prickly, meditative, and maddening” – Pitchfork

“The eight pieces ….on this three-LP collection of pioneering work by American electro-acoustic composer Carl Stone constitute an oft-mesmerizing two-and-a-half hours…(Shing Kee is) spellbinding.” – Textura

“Astounding …dizzying hall-of-mirrors refractions built from tiny fragments of Asian pop, American R&B and classical…. Stone’s resourcefulness and originality is unmistakable, and these sounds remain fresh decades later.”
Best of Bandcamp Contemporary Classical: November 2016

“It lights up our pleasure centres like a quid in a fruit machine….It’s all totally new to us and feels like somebody just opened a big skylight onto our listening lives, flooding us with new sensations……Not to be missed by anyone with a taste for innovative electronic music of the rarest order.” – Boomkat

“Jaw-dropping maximalist achievement, done so through a minimalist methodology…..compositions that, much like the CalArts music library Stone spent many of his hours in, reveal endless surprises and delights upon each listen….incredibly rewarding album.” – Zurkonics


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